T-Mobile Officially Discontinues Sidekick 4G


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T-Mobile has officially discontinued its Sidekick 4G, the Samsung SGH-T839.

Upon its debut last April, the Sidekick 4G was more than a mere re-imagining of the aging T-Mobile brand - some said it was one of the best mid-range Android phones around. Still, T-Mobile has discontinued the handset - but this doesn't mean the end to all Sidekicks. T-Mobile continues to update and expand upon its 4G product line, which might lead to another iteration of the popular device down the line.

As of now, one can still buy a full physical QWERTY Sidekick 4G, with a 3.5" screen from T-Mobile's site for $329.99, or get one for free with a contact agreement.

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray has recently announced that the company plans to launch 4G LTE in 2013, which will make it compatible with a number of new devices, including the Apple iPhone.