T.G.I. Fridays: Pay For Your Meal With Your Smartphone

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Ever had to wait forever for your server to bring the check on a busy Saturday night? She has a table full of drunken frat boys to contend with and a toddler's dinner to clean up off the carpet, and you empathize, you really do. But you have a kid to get to a soccer game, a dog who desperately wants to go outside, and a hot bath to get into.

Never has the need for speed been so in demand than the present, where the digital age has made sure we get almost anything we want instantaneously, and the makers of a new app called Tabbedout are well aware. The app allows users to pay a restaurant tab right from their smartphone without having to wait for the server to bring a check. Not only is it a huge convenience for the user, it also means one less thing for servers to have to worry about and cuts back on paper use.

The app is now being used in 350 of the 600 T.G.I. Fridays around the nation, with the rest of the chain expected to integrate it soon. They are the first national chain to use the technology, made possible because of Tabbedout's partnership with several point-of-sale companies which allow them to integrate systems.

The app, called "Fridays", is available for the iPhone and will be on the Android system soon.

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