Sysomos Finds 71 Percent Of Tweets Go Unacknowledged

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Marketers, businesspeople, and needy types shouldn't get too concerned the next time one of their tweets seemingly goes ignored.  According to new research from Sysomos, about seven out of every ten tweets fail to earn replies or retweets.

Surprised?  So were we.  Twitter's gained a reputation for being a place to hold conversations, not give speeches.  Still, Sysomos examined 1.2 billion tweets that were posted in the last two months before reaching its conclusions, so it's pretty much a fact that just 29 percent of tweets produce reactions.

Otherwise, Sysomos determined that the majority (79 percent) of those reactions are replies.  Only 21 percent of reactions come in the form of retweets.

You can see the rest of the data for yourself below, but it's not much more promising, indicating that multiple replies are rare and tweets aren't likely to receive more attention over time.

A few notes to maybe put this in perspective: one thing to consider is how many spam accounts were included in Sysomos's tally.  It would be nice to know a bit more about follower counts, too.

Finally, it's entirely possible for someone to appreciate a tweet - and even make a purchase - without replying to it or passing it on to others.

Hat tip goes to Jennifer Van Grove.