Susan Sarandon and Daughter Get Sitcom Deal


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Like many A-List movie stars before her, Susan Sarandon is planning a switch from the big screen to the small(er) screen in your living room. The Wrap is reporting that Sarandon and her daughter Eve Amurri Martino ("Californiacation"), who is also producing and co-writing the show, have received a deal from NBC to develop a half-hour sitcom called "Growing Ivy."

The concept of the show was Martino's idea. She is set to play the central role, a Type A personality named Ivy Davis who grew up without boundaries, and who is now subsequently obsessed with her career. However, Davis has zero personal life. In an attempt to correct this all-work/no-play lifestyle, Davis calls upon her mother (Sarandon), who is described as a "freewheeling, eccentric mom" named Franckie, to move in with her.

This isn't Sarandon's first foray into television. The 67-year-old beauty was most recently seen in guest spots on "Mike and Molly" and "The Big C." In addition, the famous mother/daughter have teamed up professionally before. There was the 2002 big screen comedy starring Sarandon alonside Goldie Hawn called "The Banger Sisters." Plus, Sarandon and Martino have paired together in an episode of "Friends" and in the Adam Sandler movie "That's My Boy." Martino played the "younger" Sarandon in the comedy.

Sarandon has had an extremely prolific career, appearing in over 100 different film and television roles. Perhaps her most memorable role came in the 1991 female-empowerment film "Thelma and Louise." Sarandon played the cool, calm Louise to Geena Davis' feel-spirited Thelma. However, her most critically acclaimed performance came in 1995 with the drama "Dead Man Walking." Sarandon took home Oscar gold for Best Actress in her portrayal as a nun who befriends and comforts a convicted Death Row murderer (Sean Penn) in the days leading up to his execution.


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