Susan Powell: Home Video Documents Her Possessions

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Susan Powell, the wife and mother who disappeared in 2009 under mysterious circumstances, made a home video the year before documenting her possessions in case something ever happened to her.

Last February, Powell's husband, Josh, killed their two sons with a hatchet and then set off an explosion in his home that took his own life after he locked out a Child Protective Services employee who was on a supervised visit. Police had long suspected him to be involved in Susan's disappearance, but had no physical evidence. Josh said he decided to take the boys on an impromptu camping trip the night she the middle of a snowstorm. He claimed she was gone when they returned home.

"This is me July 29th, 2008," Powell says in the video. "(I am) covering all my bases, making sure that if something happens to me or my family, or all of us, that our assets are documented."

Powell also left a secret will in a safety deposit box, with a note that indicated if she was found dead, it "may not be an accident, even if it looks like one".

As of now, police are calling the case closed as they still have no body and no suspects now that Josh is dead. A tragic end to what was already a tragic story.

Amanda Crum
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