Survive The Zombie Apocalypse IRL In New Real Life First Person Shooter

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"If you're a little crybaby bitch, it could be too much for you. I.R.L Shooter presents patient will shit yourself."

In what is without a doubt the most badass laser tag experience in the history of ever, Australian company I.R.L. shooter is bringing us just that - a real life shooter. If that doesn't already sound like every FPS player's dream (I mean, paintball can only go so far), what if I told you that the IRL shooter is going to be centered around dispatching zombies.

In what is described as a "fully immersive live action real life, multiplayer, first person shooter, role-playing game," you and five of your friends can pay to fight off the zombie hordes in a Left 4 Dead-style game that supposedly benefits from cinema-level production values.

It's called Patient 0, and it's coming to Melbourne on Halloween night. From the official site:

From the moment you purchase your ticket, you will be taken on a journey into a completely realised universe of our design, culminating in you and 5 of your friends having to fight your way through a zombie infested building, solving puzzles, collecting information and trying to stay alive.

Unlike other live action zombie shooter games, we are creating a brand new weapons system that will keep an accurate score of your game-play; how many kills, headshots, body shots, misses, friendly fire etc. So not only do you have to survive and complete missions but your game will be ranked and your score matters.

Imagine the most realistic first person shooter video game, in real life.

And zombies.

Check out the promo video for the experience below:

The game will run for a month, as they take it to different locations across Australia. They plan on changing up the storyline with each installment, to keep players on their toes. Due to the demanding physical nature of the game, you know, running from zombies and such, and all of the unavoidable bad language, you must be 16 or older to participate.

The project is being funded on project crowdsourcing site Pozible. It's already received $34,011 in pledges, more than triple the original goal. Folks who back the project can receive pre-sale tickets. They are currently in the second round of pre-release sales.

Below is your weapon. As of now, the laser M4 replica has a range of 70m and the shot itself has a 15 cm diameter. They are working to improve the range and shrink the impact radius. In another awesome turn, they are also adding "kick" as well as muzzle flash and real gun noises to the laser rifle.

I don't think that "shut up and take my money" even does this justice. Let's just hope the whole thing is enough of a success to warrant making the trip to the States.

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