Survey: Over 50% of Current Smartphone Shoppers Will Choose the iPhone 5

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Well, this bodes well for Apple. A recent survey suggests that the majority of people looking to buy a smartphone in the next three months (read Christmas and beyond) plan on buying the iPhone 5. Plenty of respondents gave plans to buy some sort of phone operating on the Android platform, but the iPhone 5 is the clear star of people's most-desired lists.

The survey comes from Piper Jaffray (via AppleInsider), who says that 53.3% of those surveyed said they plan on purchasing Apple's most recent smartphone. That number was 47.7% right before the device was unveiled and 54.9% right after.

The survey was conducted on December 12th and involved 800 participants.

"We believe this is a positive that demonstrates the majority of U.S. consumers want an iPhone 5 even following the launch craze, and despite the Maps issues that have been widely noted," noted Gene Munster.

Of course, Apple Maps as a deterrent of buying the device may be a thing of the past. As you probably know, Google just launched Google Maps for iOS - their first maps app since Apple cut them out of iOS 6. The app is receiving rave reviews and is already the top free app in the App Store.

Buying an Android-powered smartphone accounted for 35.3% of people's plans for the next three months. 6.5% said that plan on buying a Windows Phone and 4.9% said BlackBerry.

Piper Jaffray also concluded that demand for the iPhone 5 is somewhere between 30% and 40% more than demand for the iPhone 4S.

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