Suri Cruise: The Best Of Her Burn Book

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Twitter has been flooded over the past year with parody accounts, with everything from "The Empty Chair" (a riff on Clint Eastwood's speech at the RNC) to "Kanye's Skirt" posting and garnering followers after some blip on the pop culture radar. It's gotten so popular that it's really no longer that funny, except in rare cases...and Suri Cruise's Burn Book is one of those.

Maybe it's because she's so young, or because her facial expressions every time she's photographed with one of her uber-famous parents seem to indicate exactly what's being logged on Twitter; I'm not sure. What is sure is that the littlest Cruise has an eye for fashion and a disdain for anything as tragically unhip as wearing synthetic clothes and making cameos with your parents.

Check out the best of Suri's Burn Book:

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