Surface Pro 2 Tablet: Does Microsoft Get It?

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The race is on in Technologyland, with the new realease of the Kindle Fire HDX, the iPad Mini 2, and the Microsoft Surface Pro during the fall. Who will take home the trophy for best tablet? Well, I wouldn't bet on Microsoft yet.

The Kindle Fire has a new Mayday button, which immediately connects you to live tech support via video chat, should you have a problem.The iPad Mini will come in gold and feature the same fingerprint technology that the iPhone 5s touted. The Surface Pro...

Well, we're not really sure.

"Microsoft's new commercial has the new high-end expensive Surface Pro and their low-end cheaper Surface that's like an iPad in the same seems like they haven't figured out what the strategy is. I don't know that consumers can gravitate towards something when they don't even understand what it's supposed to be.", says Yahoo Finance tech reporter Aaron Pressman.

It's possible that the Surface Pro's unimpressive sales aren't the result of the Surface Pro, itself, but poor advertising on the part of Microsoft. The tablet actually has pretty good reviews. It just seems like they haven't quite figured out how to get people interested.

Perhaps Microsoft is relying on its "third times a charm" luck they had with the third generation of Windows? The Surface Pro 2 is exceedingly improved over the first two attempts, but it may not be enough to get people to fall in love with Microsoft's tablet OS, Windows RT, according to BGR.

“Microsoft’s current plight is due to its late entry to the mobile market, high product prices, and weak ecosystem compared to its competitors. Microsoft’s strategy of developing its tablet operating system using its PC operating system as the base, is the main problem preventing Windows-based tablets becoming standardized,” states a report from Digitimes, a Taiwan-based digital trade paper.

Will Microsoft be able to overtake its competition before being left in the dust? That remains to be seen, but from here, it doesn't look pretty.

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