Super Mario Fan Videos Never Get Old

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What would happen if the Sun in Super Mario's world wanted to get in on the action and help take Mario out? Hopefully, it would be something close to what's going on in the lead video, which comes courtesy of The question is, what kind of meds does the Sun take? Do they make Xanax in planet-sized pills?

Lastly, I'm not sure about you, but I about lost it when Mario shows up at the end and "Eric" (the Sun) decides to go absolutely berserk in his efforts to get the menacing plumber.

Who knew a life-giving star could be taken out so easily?

This is yet another example of great user-generated content, something we've championed around here for some time now, especially in face of things like SOPA and ACTA. While some of our appointed leaders try to convince you otherwise, there are really are some fantastic reasons to oppose these kinds of regulatory acts, and it goes way, way beyond piracy.

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