Super Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts


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Looking to add that personalized touch to your Valentine's gift this year? Check out some of these awesome ideas, perfect for everyone on your love list.

These gifts range from sweet treats to impressive-looking crafts aimed to please everyone this Valentine's Day. The best part? All of these wonderful gifts are homemade and under $20. You'll not only impress, you'll save some money!

String and Nail Heart- This super easy DIY project will knock the socks of your Valentine this year. It's easy to do but looks fancy and time-consuming. This is the perfect gift for a boy or girl that appreciates the artsy things in life. You can even replace the heart shape for initials or the popular state outline.

Festive Candy Jars-This tasty treat is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Simply fill a jar with red and pink candy to make it look festive and fun! Add a bow or piece of string to complete the adorable look.

Romantic Bath Bombs-Pamper the love of your life with this fun spa treat. Turn up the heat and run a bath for an even more enjoyable V-day.

Magnetic Fridge FramesLet your creative juices flow with this personalized project. You can even add pictures to the frames for an added sentimental touch.

Personalized Bottle LabelsDress up your hunk's favorite beverage with these cool labels. He'll love you for the drinks and the personalized labels.

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