Super Bowl Search Stats From Yahoo: Pats Beat Giants, Eli Beats Brady

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The Yahoo search blog has just released a trove of search stats regarding all things Super Bowl, and it's clear that if the Super Bowl could be decided by search volume the New England Patriots would have this thing in the bag.

Yahoo says that the Patriots had 50% more searches this year than the NY Giants. Another metric listed the Pats as the winners of the Mobile Super Bowl, saying that Patriots fans were the most mobile savvy of the two fansets. Unfortunately, these interweb victories for the Patriots probably won't have any bearing on what happens on the gridiron. But it's interesting to note that folks have been more curious about the Patriots throughout the entire 2011-2012 season.

When it boils down to specific Quarterbacks, it's all about recency. Over the course of the season, Tom Brady received double the searches of Eli Manning (probably UGG related). If you just look at the regular season, Brady garnered four times the searches that Eli did. But during the playoffs, Eli Manning has bested Brady in search volume. Eli's search surge seems to parallel the surging Giants, who only seem to get better as they progress deeper into the season.

People are not just concerned about Brady and Manning's football lives, but their personal lives as well. The search term "Tom Brady baby" is up 1,109% while the term "Eli Manning girlfriend" is up 1,201%.

When it comes to the coaches, Bill Belichick has received five times the searches of Tom Coughlin.

Yahoo also tracked some of the Super Bowl party-related queries. Here are the most searched dips this month:

  1. Buffalo Chicken dip
  2. Spinach dip
  3. 7 Layer Mexican dip
  4. Spinach Artichoke dip
  5. Crab dip
  6. Taco dip
  7. Guacamole dip
  8. Chicken Wing dip (huh?)
  9. Cheese Dip
  10. Shrimp dip

The term "Super bowl recipes" is up 210%, with 70% of them coming from women. The top three recipes searches are "chicken recipes," "crockpot recipes," and meatloaf recipes."

About that other part of the Super Bowl that we all love, the one that's not the actual game or the food - Matthew Broderick's Ferris Bueller-themed Honda ad has been the top searched Super bowl commercial this year.

Will you we watching the game? Who's gonna take home the Lombardi? Let us know in the comments.

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