Super Bowl Pizza Deals Come To Foursquare With Super Swarm Sunday

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If you're an American Express user and a pizza lover, Foursquare has a deal for you.

It's safe to assume that plenty of people will order pizza during the Super Bowl. It's also pretty safe to assume that a high percentage of that pizza will come from one of the country's biggest delivery pizza chains, Pizza Hut. If you're planing on ordering a Pizza Hut pizza during the game, don't forget to check-in.

Starting a few hours before kickoff and running until the end of the game, you can check in a universal location called "Super Swarm Sunday" on Foursquare. When you do, make sure to unlock the $5 off Pizza Hut deal. Now, when you spend at least $10 at Pizza Hut, you'll get a $5 credit on your AMEX card.

Here's some FAQ about the event, from the Google+Reader">Foursquare blog:

I don’t really care for football. Can I still check in?
Super Swarm Sunday isn’t just about football! Check in if you love the commercials, over-the-top halftime shows, the Puppy Bowl, touchdown salsa dances, or just hanging out and eating pizza with friends.

Where do I check in?
If you’re in the US, you’ll see Super Swarm Sunday when you tap ‘Check In’ on your app, starting a few hours before the game and lasting until the end of the night.

How do I unlock the Special?
Once you check in, you’ll be able to sync your American Express® Card to your foursquare account and load the Special (it takes a few seconds, and foursquare won’t store your information – we’re just providing the deal!). If you’ve synced your card before, just tap ‘Load to Card.’

How do I redeem the Special?
Spend at least $10 on your Pizza Hut order online, by phone, or in participating stores, and pay with your American Express® Card. The $5 credit will show up on your statement in a few days.

Do I need to mention the Special when I order from Pizza Hut?
Nope! It’s all taken care of by foursquare and Amex. As long as you pay with the card that you synced (and your order is over $10), you’ll see the credit on your statement in a few days.

This is one of Foursquare's biggest check-in events ever. It's name is a reference to a "swarm," a Foursquare term for when you check-in with a lot of people at one location. You can earn badges for each level of swarm - 50 is a regular swarm, 250 is a super swarm, 500 is a super duper swarm, and 1000 is an epic swarm.

Badge lovers won't be disappointed - checking in on Super Swarm Sunday will earn you a new badge. It looks like the other swarm badges but the little bees have been replaced by footballs.

Who are you rooting for in the big game? Will you be ordering pizza? Let us know in the comments.

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