Super Bowl Halftime: YouTube Enters the Mix with Its Own Show

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Here's a tough question. When the Patriots and the Seahawks go to the locker room for the halftime break, what would you rather watch to pass the time?

Your choices are a) Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz at the official Super Bowl halftime show; b) your drunk friend spilling salsa all over himself trying to refill the salsa bowl; or c) people diving into pools full of beer.

If you answered c), you may want to check out YouTube for this year's halftime festivities.

"For the first time, YouTube will host a Halftime Show produced in collaboration with Collective Digital Studio that will be live streamed on the AdBlitz Channel. Filmed at the YouTube Space in L.A., the show will feature more than 20 YouTube creators and musicians with over 60M combined subscribers including Harley Morenstein from EpicMealTime, Freddie Wong, Rhett and Link, Toby Turner and more," says YouTube.

Bloomberg has a little more to share about the show. Apparently, alongside appearances by the aforementioned YouTube stars, there will be "so-called shower dives from a platform into a pool of beer, and a pool of cheese".

There will also be "fake ads" running throughout the show.

“It’s a really good place to showcase our celebrities, our talent and our creators,” Suzie Reider, managing director of brand solutions at Google, told Bloomberg. “It will be fun afterwards to see what was Freddie Wong’s draw compared to Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz.”

For years, YouTube has provided a hub for Super Bowl ads, allowing users to view them in real time and vote on their favorites. This is its first foray into producing actual content for the Big Game.

Image via Epic Meal Time, YouTube

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