'Super Bitch' Is Comcast's Latest Customer Insult

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Just a week after winning hearts and minds by calling a customer "Asshole Brown" on his bill, Comcast is continuing this stellar customer service thing by slinging more insults at people.

This time, it's a 63-year-old Chicago area woman named Mary Bauer.

Or, should I say "Super Bitch" Bauer.

According to WGN, Bauer is pretty familiar with Comcast's customer service. In a few month span, she reportedly saw 39 technicians at her home due to spotty service. As soon as she finally got that straightened out, her bill stopped coming.

After four months, she called Comcast. Here's what happened next, via WGN:

“I was nice enough to call them to ask how much I owe,” she said. “I was little hot and a little angry because I never got good service.” But she says she didn’t swear or call them names.

It was not an usual complaint, but when Mary got her bill today…

“It says Super Bitch Bauer,” she said. “This is a disgrace to me. Why are they doing this to me? I pay my bills. I Dd not deserve this.”

Last week came the story of Lisa and Ricardo Brown, who were shocked to see the name "Asshole Brown" printed on their bill. Considering neither of them are named "Asshole", the couple took it as an insult.

Comcast issues a public apology and fired the employee responsible for the name change.

In a blog post, Comcast SVP of Customer Experience Charlie Herrin stressed the need for respect.

"We took this opportunity to reinforce with each employee just how important respect is to our culture. In every interaction we have with a customer, we need to show them respect, patience, and enthusiasm to provide them with an excellent experience," he wrote.

"The culture of a company is the collective habits of its people – we have great people at Comcast and we need to treat customers with the respect they deserve."

In the past week, other reports of bill name changes have surfaced, including some claiming that bills sported names like "whore" and "dummy".

Speaking earlier this month at a CES panel, Comcast Cable CEO Neil Smit said that soon, the company expects customer service “will soon be one of out best products.”

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