Summer Solstice 2013 Celebrated With Google Doodle

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Today is the Summer Solstice (or the official first day of summer) in many parts of the world, and Google is showing a doodle on its homepage in the appropriate countries to celebrate.

The countries that are getting this doodle are: Canada, Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic, Panama, Lithuania, Costa Rica, France, Slovakia, Ireland, Venezuela, Ecuador, Macedonia [FYROM], Brunei, Israel, Singapore, Montenegro, Guatemala, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Puerto Rico, Germany, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Finland, United States, Sweden, Latvia, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Romania, Honduras, Portugal, Estonia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Serbia, United Kingdom, Austria, Colombia, Greece, Hungary, South Korea and Cyprus.

The doodle is animated, and shows a wave of water move from right to left as a group of children stand in the water and sort of make out the Google logo (if you squint and look really hard).

This isn't the only doodle Google is showing today, however. In some parts of the world, today marks the first day of winter, and Google has one for that as well. It appears, however, that Google might have made a mistake by showing this one in Australia. The first day of Winter there was June 1st. It's more likely that Google just wanted to wait until it could show it more places, and just decided to show it everywhere (where it's winter) at once. f

Simon Rüger shares this video showing the the animation of both doodles:

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