Sue Ann Hamm Deposits $1 Billion Divorce Check

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Despite earlier reports to the contrary, it looks like Sue Ann Arnall -- formerly Sue Ann Hamm -- may be taking what's on the table and heading for the door.

Earlier this week, reports suggested that Sue Ann Hamm had outlined a list of errors she felt the judge made in outlining a divorce settlement amount. The prevailing wisdom was that she would continue to fight for what she felt she had coming to her.

The former wife of billionaire oil tycoon Harold Hamm had already fought long and hard to get more money in the divorce from her husband. The story of the divorce as messy as any other, but with multiple zeroes on the ends of the numbers, has received national attention.

Some labeled Sue Ann a "gold digger." But those folks appear to have been talking without knowing the facts. Some insight on Sue An's role in the fortune of Harold Hamm would inform opinions.

Sue Ann Hamm was married to Harold Hamm, who currently ranks 37th on Forbes 400 Richest People in America list. Hamm’s fortune came from oil. Mitt Romney named Hamm his Energy Advisor during his 2012 campaign.

Sue Ann Hamm was an executive at Continental Resources, Harold Hamm’s company. She "held key posts at Continental. She has led oil-industry trade groups in Oklahoma, testified to Congress on behalf of Continental and created Continental’s oil and gas marketing units."

The amount Sue Ann Hamm has been awarded is less than 6 percent of the wealth that she and Harold had together. The “marital assets” alone awarded to Harold Hamm in the divorce — homes, cabins, acreage, etc. — total more than $2 Billion.

But now Harold Hamm's attorney says that Sue Ann has deposited the check she was offered for nearly $975 million.

"It is my opinion that by negotiating the tendered check, Ms. Arnall will dismiss her appeal and this litigation is likely at an end," the attorney said.

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