Subservient Chicken Is Back After 10 Years To Haunt Your Dreams Again

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Subservient Chicken is one of the strangest marketing campaigns to have ever existed. Back in 2004, Burger King introduced us all to a man in a chicken suit that would respond to commands typed into a web page. It was kind of creepy and all kinds of voyeuristic. It was even weirder when its sole purpose was to sell chicken sandwiches. Well, Burger King apparently wants to bring it back to promote its latest chicken sandwich monstrosity.

Burger King announced this week that its Big Mac ripoff - the Big King - will get a chicken version called the Chicken Big King. It will feature two chicken patties with all the dressings you would expect to find in a Big Mac Big King. The company says the product came about thanks to the success of the original Big King and America's growing demand for chicken products.

So, how does Subservient Chicken fit into all of this? Burger King is bringing back the world's creepiest chicken in some capacity on April 30 at 9 a.m. Fans and those curious will be able to find the new Subservient Chicken over at its old roosting place at The web site is still active after all these years, but it doesn't actually work anymore. As the site says, the Subservient Chicken has somehow gotten loose and Burger King is currently trying to track him down. You can check out a few humorous images where the chicken has been spotted in public.

So, you're thinking that all of this is well and good, but you don't really care. After all, this ad campaign launched in 2004 and you didn't even know about it at the time. That's fine as the original Subservient Chicken has been recorded for all to see. Here's a video showing what the original would do:

If that's not creepy enough for you, here's the original TV ad that somehow puts the already creepy BK King to shame:

It's unknown how Burger King will utilize Subservient Chicken this time around, but we do know a few things. BK says that this ad campaign will be about the chicken turning the tables on people. It will also star Dustin Diamond - the actor who played Screech in Saved by the Bell. If Burger King is attempting to market to 25 to 32-year-old males, they may have something on their hands. For everybody else who didn't grow up on Saved by the Bell reruns, will Screech even matter?

Image via blchrcreature27/YouTube