Study: Nobody Cares About Facebook "Reactions"

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According to a study by quintly, Facebook Reactions are not a feature that Facebook users like. Facebook launched Reactions in February with 5 emoji options to expressing additional emotional reactions beyond the traditional "Like". The new emoji options launched were Love, Wow, HaHa, Sad and Angry.

It was thought at the time that people were frustrated with only being able to Like a post, especially when the post was about something that should provoke sadness or anger such as a death or a comment on a terrorist act.

The quintly study shows that less than 3% of all reactions to a post that include likes, shares and comments include one of the new Facebook Reactions. So not really something that users were craving after all.

The study analyzed 130,000 posts and found that of all reactions 76.4% were Likes, 14% were shares, 7.2% were comments and only 2.4% were the new Reactions.

The study also notes that posts with videos received 40% more reactions (of any type) than video posts.

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