Study: Americans Don't Really Go To American Places


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A new study from Hotwire, the all-in-one travel planning site, reveals that most American travelers aren't very good at traveling to America, especially when it comes to some of America's most iconic landmarks. The website's American Travel Behavior Survey, which was conducted online by Harris Interactive in July of last year and included more than 2,000 adults, revealed that a majority of Americans have never visited some of the most well-known landmarks in the United States including the Alamo (72% haven't), Grand Canyon (65%), Statue of Liberty (62%), Golden Gate Bridge (61%), and the White House (57%).

"Landmarks such as the Grand Canyon and the White House define our history and culture, but it's surprising to me that many have only seen them on film or in photos," said Clem Bason, President of the Hotwire Group.

Hotwire's pushing the results of their study ahead of a one-day sale on tickets they're conducting later this month, but is it any surprise that people aren't traveling as much these days, what with the TSA grope'em-all, the increasingly high costs of checking bags, the increasingly high cost of thefts, the wonderfully restrictive limit on fluid bottles, and otherwise complete lack of complimentary snacks, why would anyone leave the comfort of their capacious and well-stocked living room to go see something in the wild when they can just see all that natural grandeur on Google Maps?