Student Teacher Obama Debate Caught on YouTube

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At North Rowan High School in Spencer, NC a teacher refuses to let a student "Disrespect President Obama". Let's check out the classroom in this YouTube clip.

The Fact of the Day was "Did you know Mit Romney was a bully in high school?" (I can only assume the teacher gives some sort of current events fact everyday), which is an actual news story. The student thought this Fact of the Day was leaning left.

The student speaks up saying, "Wasn't Obama a bully in high school?" This statement is immediately followed by a screech of "we dont disrespect the president". The student does not back down from his statement while keeping his voice to a respectable level. This is especially true in comparison to the teacher's voice. The young student was trying to give the other side of the coin.

The teacher's whole argument was that the current president should be treated better than the man who will be running against him come election time. This is an opinion not a fact. Whether you agree with the teacher's argument or not, we all know that's not how campaigns work.

If you go back and dissect anyone's past, you will find something to write about. In this case the subject is high school bullying. The student was simply saying there was a story about Obama where he pushed a girl in high school. Meanwhile the fact of the day was a story about Mit Romney pinning a classmate down and cutting his long hair. Both stories are obviously not flattering towards the presidential candidates.

The student thought that if one story was presented in a classroom setting, then the other should be too.

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