Stuck On Roller Coaster For 2 Hours? Try This

Amanda CrumLife

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Stuck on a roller coaster 150 feet in the air? Call me crazy, but I don't think it would have taken me two hours to come up with the solution of "rock it back and forth and see what happens".

But that's exactly what officials at Discovery Kingdom told 12 passengers on the Superman roller coaster to do after their car came to a stop at the top of the tracks and refused to budge...but only after they'd been stuck for two hours.

While the passengers said they took turns cracking jokes and saying prayers to ease the fear and tension, it was certainly a harrowing two hours as they baked in the heat and waited for the people down below to rescue them. Finally, with the help of local firefighters, park mechanics managed to rock the car hard enough to get it moving. It slid backwards down the track and rolled to a stop at the bottom, where the passengers were all removed safely and checked out by paramedics.

Again, I'm no mechanic, but did they really need all that time to come up with a solution so simple? Seems like the first thing my four-year old would have thought of. Just sayin'.

Amanda Crum
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