Strike 3 Call: "Whoomp, There It Is!" [VIDEO]

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Do you ever hear the phrase, "Whoomp, there it is!" anymore? Well, you're about to, especially if your kid plays fall baseball. And no, it's not because you've been transported back to the 90s when the song was made popular by Tag Team.

It might be a little surprising to watch a baseball-related video in October and it not be about the MLB playoffs, but it's easy to see why the video below is getting so much attention. It isn't often that videos on a strike 3 call are about anything other than complaining, let alone do they bring such amusement. Check out the video below and make sure your speakers are turned up, because the enthusiastic call made by the umpire in the video is guaranteed to crack you up.

If all strikeouts were called like that, walking back to the dugout wouldn't be quite as bad.

The hilarious video was posted to Instagram by former MLB player Mark Mulder, who played for the Oakland A's and St. Louis Cardinals. The video is only seven seconds long, but it's probably a safe bet that you'll spend more time than that on the video. And in the midst of cracking up at the umpire yelling out "Whoomp, there it is!" on the strike 3 call, don't miss the umpire's little move that accompanies the call.

Twitter users are loving the video, and it has been liked by more than 1,000 Instagram users so far (with more likes sure to come, now that the video has hit viral mode).

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