Street Fighter X Mega Man Out Now For Free

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Street Fighter X Mega Man, the crossover 8-bit 2-D platformer, has officially been released. A free copy of the game for PC can be downloaded via Capcom's Mega Man group page.

The game is DRM-free and intended to promote the 25th anniversary of both Street Fighter and Mega Man. Street Fighter's anniversary was this year, and Mega Man's anniversary year has just begun.

The game features Mega Man battling his way across levels and fighting Street Fighters such as Ryu, Blanka, Dhalsim, and Chun Li in lieu of Robot Master bosses.

Meanwhile, Capcom has released a video showcasing just how Street Fighter X Mega Man came to be. It began as a fan-made project by a man named Seow Zong Hui, who showed off his work to Capcom execs at an event booth. When those same execs realized the game could be used to promote the cross-over anniversaries of the two classic Capcom franchises, they helped Hui polish it up in time for a release on December 17.

Today is 25 years to the day of the release of the original Mega Man for the NES.

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