Stratego, Everyone's Favorite Capture-the-Flag Board Game, Makes Its iPad Debut

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I f-ing love Stratego. Let's get that out of the way. When I think of Stratego, I remember childhood nights spent beating my grandfather in the classic game of capture the flag. HOW DID YOU NOT REMEMBER I HAD A BOMB THERE, PAPA? Of course, he totally remembered and he let me win every time. Still, my memories of Stratego are not adversely affected by that realization.

Well, Stratego fans: you can now play the game on your iPad (multiplayer and single player).

Keesing Games has just released the Official Stratego app for iPad. Yes, it's just for iPad - not your iPhone or iPod touch. That's probably for the best, considering there's about 80 pieces on the board at the onset.

Stratego fans have been able to play on the Web and on Facebook for some time now, and the good news is that you'll be able to cross-platform play with them on your iPad.

You'll also have the ability to save your battle setups for quick play, and you can customize your pieces as well.

Unfortunately, I've not yet had the chance to play it. CNET calls the game "impressive, if imperfect" and has this to say:

"I...found Stratego to be pretty buggy, alternately crashing, producing error messages, or having trouble signing into Facebook. Plus, the AI is what I'd call overly aggressive, as it never forgets the location of your pieces (once revealed) the way a human would. I won't say beating the AI is impossible, but at the very least the game should offer a choice of skill levels."

But against real players, the game is much better.

The game costs $6.99, which is a little steep. But the multiplayer aspect and the ability to save loadouts, along with added achievements and customizable pieces should make it worth it for a hardcore fan of the game. Although, they may considering waiting a little bit to download the game - bugs could be fixed and that price could drop.

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