Stocking Stuffer Ideas-All Under $10!

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Perhaps one of the most overlooked gifts that people forget to snag this holiday season are those tiny trinkets that stuff those beautifully hung stockings. The stocking is not only one of the most forgotten Christmas buys, it's one of the easiest to fill.

While the majority of you have plenty to keep you busy before the big day arrives, I'm here to give you a list of some of the most wonderful-and practical-gifts to fill the stockings in your home. Just picked up a fancy tablet and running a little low on cash? No problem. All the stocking stuffers listed below are under $10!

Fruit...Yes, Fruit. While that might seem a little lame, a sunset orange clementine is a delicious, sweet treat that won't rot your teeth. With all the yummy holiday sweets being passed around, it'll be a nice surprise to receive something that's equally delicious but not filled with guilt. Plus you can buy a bag and have enough to stuff not one but many stockings.

Earbuds-For the person that's all about music on the go, grab them a pair of colorful earbuds. You can even throw in a USB cord so they can take their iPod with them in the car and jam to their favorite Christmas song.

Nail Polish-Cool nail art is all the rave this year. Head down to your local drugstore and pickup a few different colors for the girl in your life with the artistic nail flair.

Lottery Tickets-These are fun for the man who has it all. The possibility of winning some extra cash is fun for the receiver and the whole family.

Deck of Cards-Everyone needs to have a deck of cards on hand for those rainy afternoons. Look for a themed deck or something a little different with lots of color.

Mini Alcohol Bottles-For the 21-and-up lover of tasty beverages, grab a few miniature bottles of their favorite spirit. It's a great way to spice up that old stocking (and make the in-laws a tad more tolerable this season.)

Gift Cards-A $10 iTunes giftcard will come in handy after receiving all those gadgets needing new apps.

Mittens-Tis the season to be warm! Grab your loved ones something to keep them warm during the holidays. PIckup a pair of gloves or festive scarf.

Poster-For the person who enjoys the nice sights, grab them a cool poster of their favorite landscape or band.

DVD/CD-Head to Walmart and search the bargain bin. Sometimes you can find blockbuster hits that've been marked down. Grab that or a classic CD that they're guaranteed to love.

Head out to your local drugstore, Walmart, Target (especially check in their dollar section) and you're sure to find affordable stuffers that'll make everyone on your Christmas list happy little elves.

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