Stevie Wonder Irks Funeral Attendees With His Politically-Infused Eulogy For Gospel Legend Andraé Crouch

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Stevie Wonder raised the ire of some funeral attendees after offering polically-infused remarks at the life celebration of gospel legend Andraé Crouch's in Los Angeles on Jan 21.

Many were apparently upset that Stevie Wonder made political statements during his tribute to Crouch rather than focusing on the Grammy-winning singer's life and accomplishments.

"Stevie Wonder took the opportunity to say that Obama's goal of inclusiveness was largely thwarted because of hatred towards him because of his skin color," a source told FOX411. "And that he supports freedom of speech, but we should make laws against people criticizing religion."

Stevie Wonder said many Americans were judging Obama based on his race.

"We live in a time where I believe we have a president that truly wanted to see the world come together, to see this nation come together, but yet too much, too many people are judging their dislike of him based on the color of his skin," said Stevie Wonder at the celebration. "And I know there are some who say, 'No that’s not true,' but I’m telling you what I see.

"Yes, I truly believe in freedom of speech, I really really do believe in that," Wonder added. "But I think if we don’t put some limits to us being able to give praise to that one that we hold sacred, we got a problem."

While some may agree with Stevie Wonder's remarks, those close to Andraé Crouch — who died Jan. 8 at the age of 78 after suffering a heart attack — said he was about his faith, his music, and not about politics.

"Andraé was not about color or politics. He was about his faith and reached out to everyone. In a time where racial tension has escalated, the inclusive spirit and heart of Andraé was a healing balm," said the source.

Pam Wright