Stevie J Arrested: 'Love & Hip Hop' Star Owes $1 Million in Child Support


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Stevie J, star of the reality series Love & Hip Hop, has been arrested for owing $1 million in child support.

TMZ broke the news on Tuesday with a video of the singer-songwriter, actor, and producer being arrested in Georgia.

Stevie will most likely be out on bail soon, but he'll still face criminal charges in New York.

In October 2013 Carol Antoinette Bennett held a press conference to discuss her struggles to collect child support Stevie owed for the two children they shared. At the time, the children were 14- and 16-years-old.

Bennett, a former music industry executive who has worked for Motown Records and Uptown Records, told The Urban Daily:

"He has not made a voluntary payment in years ... He’s missed 168 payments."

Bennett said she didn't want her ex to end up in jail.

"I just want him to be responsible. If you live in another state and you’re not able to see your kids or physically be there for them, you now have an obligation to make a payment. He has just decided he isn’t going to do it and there’s no enforcement. Because there’s no enforcement, he feels like he can get away with it."

Bennett's initial press release referenced the 1992 Child Support Recovery Act, which makes it a crime to leave the state if you owe more than $10,000 in back child support and the case has been outstanding for two or more years.

At the time, Bennett's reps said Stevie's assets were being investigated for potential liquidation to pay the over $1 million he owed her.

Bennett received assistance from the Child Support Foundation, which specializes in finding hidden assets of parents who neglect their child support responsibilities. She expected the organization to investigate Stevie and any company attempting to protect his money.

In August 2013 Stevie married Love & Hip Hop costar and Puerto Rican rapper Joseline Hernandez.

Prior to that he was involved with another Love & Hip Hop costar, Mimi Faust. Stevie and Faust have a daughter, Eva Giselle, together.

Faust has said that Stevie doesn't help her with Eva "at all."

In 2012 Hernandez was quoted as saying that Stevie has children with four different women.

According to the Custodial Support Foundation, approximately 37.5 million custodial parents are owed child support arrears in the United States and by 2011 unpaid child support totaled more than $100 billion.

"This isn’t just about me. This about other custodial parents that have the same issue," Bennett said. "... obviously there are flaws in the system. It’s billions of dollars owed in child support. How did they let it get to this amount? That’s the question everybody should be asking."

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