Steven Tyler To Testify On Behalf Of Celebrities

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Steven Tyler is one of several celebrities who are trying to make Hawaii a safer place for stars.

The Aerosmith frontman is expected to testify today at a Honolulu hearing for a bill Tyler himself initiated which would crack down on the intrusive behavior of paparazzi when celebrities visit the island on their downtime.

"The paradise of Hawaii is a magnet for celebrities who just want a peaceful vacation," Tyler said in a statement. "As a person in the public eye, I know the paparazzi are there and we have to accept that," he added. "But when they intrude into our private space, disregard our safety and the safety of others, that crosses a serious line that shouldn't be ignored."

Over the years, as the media becomes increasingly more fervent in its desire to break a big photo or story--largely due to the influence of social media and the fact that almost everyone has immediate access to news sources via smartphones and tablets--the paparazzi have become more aggressive. Several stars have spoken out against the photographers, saying they endanger their lives and the lives of others when they chase celebs on the road just to get a picture. In fact, a photographer was killed recently when he crossed a busy highway to try and snap a shot of Justin Bieber.

Tyler contends that when the stars migrate to Hawaii on vacations, they are often subjected to invasions of privacy. The bill he wants to pass--which is named after him--would impose stricter penalties on photographers, enable stars to seek damages from those who intrude, and expand the laws surrounding invasion of privacy to include the use of zoom lenses on cameras and sophisticated sound equipment.

Amanda Crum
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