Steve Jobs Talks More About Not Supporting Flash

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Steve Jobs starred in the latest episode of the soap opera about Adobe, Apple, and the future of Flash. He appeared at the All Things Digital  D8 Conference, discussing a variety of topics, but of course the subject of Flash came up.

The discussion of Apple's non-support of Flash was escalated a while back when Jobs posted on open letter about his "thoughts on Flash." Adobe then retaliated with an ad campaign. Then Google I/O happened and Adobe had a strong presence there, with Google's full support and taking plenty of jabs at Apple themselves. Adobe actually had some announcements around HTML5, which Jobs sees as the alternative technology to Flash, and will focus on going forward.

At Google I/O Adobe Sr,. Director of Engineering Paul Gubbay talked with WebProNews about how both technologies have a place together going forward:

Jobs is still not convinced, however. "Flash looks like a technology that has had its day but is really is waning," he said at D8. "And HTML5 looks like the technology that looks like its on the ascendancy right now."

"We're trying to make great products for people," Jobs said. "And we have at least the courage of our convictions to say, 'We don't think this is part of what makes a great product. We're gonna leave it out.' That's what a lot of customers pay us to do - is to try to make the best products we can, and if we can succeed, they'll buy them. And if we don't, they wont'. And it will all work itself out."

"So far I have to say, that people seem to be liking iPads," he added.

All Things Digital has a bunch of videos of Steve Jobs talking here.

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