Steve Jobs Day Planned For iPhone 4S Release Date

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October 14th is going to be a huge day for Apple, as the recently-announced iPhone 4S is scheduled to be released on that Friday. Some people are trying to make that date significant in another way - by declaring it Steve Jobs Day.

"Brought to you by fans of Steve Jobs at Studiocom," the event is set up as a social experience where people can use Facebook and Twitter to share their memories of Jobs, talk about their favorite Apple products, and discuss his legacy.

Studiocom, a social advertising agency, makes it clear on the Steve Jobs Day site that the holiday is in no way sponsored by Apple. They say they are just fans that want to pay tribute to the man.

"We admire his work, we've embraced his vision, and we love what he's brought to the world."

Not only do they want people to use social media to talk about Jobs all day (using the hashtag #stevejobsday), but part of the celebration is to "look like Steve."

From their Facebook page -

- Wear a black turtleneck to work. To school. Anywhere and everywhere.
(You can even go full Steve and wear blue jeans and tennis shoes.)
- Take a photo of yourself in your black turtleneck and post it to Facebook, Twitter or your photo sharing platform of choice.
- Update your Facebook and Twitter profile photo with you as Steve

According to the creators, this is not meant as a memorial tribute, but a "celebration of life." In fact, the idea for Steve Jobs day came up before his death on October 5th. Steve Jobs day was planned and announced in September.

Of course, Jobs' passing has changed the dynamic of the planned day. Despite the original intentions, people who celebrate on October 14th are bound to do so in the context of remembrance.

Would you go to work or school dressed like Jobs on October 14th? Do you think that it's a proper way to pay tribute? I imagine that there will be at least some people dressed in a black mock turtleneck and jeans standing in the line to get their new iPhone 4S.

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