Steve Jobs' Career: The Law of Gravity, LSD and Lightsabers

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First of all, you probably haven't seen a retrospective of Steve Jobs' career quite like this.

Taiwanese animation company Next Media Animation is internet-renowned for putting their enjoyably strange spin on current events. Here at WebProNews, we are very big fans of NMA's efforts.

Steve Jobs' resignation as CEO of Apple has drawn speculation as to the company's future with new CEO Tim Cook, as well as the declining health of Jobs himself. Many have taken the resignation as an opportunity to look back on his incredible career - and many video retrospectives have emerged.

But this animation boils it all down to a two-minute clip that hits all the big moments: the (literal) birth of Apple, Jobs' involvement with Pixar, the battle against Bill Gates and Microsoft and the eventual iOS / Android wars. Sure, it is also sprinkled with some flourishes like drug induced brainstorming and Star Wars references - but it wouldn't be an NMA video without the oddities.

Check it out -

The Steve Jobs / Star Wars connection is nothing new - remember Steve Jobs in carbonite?

As I mentioned earlier, this isn't the first time we have brought you a video from the fine folks at NMA. Some of out favorite include LulzSec Hacking For Lulz, Antonin Scalia and kids with guns, Batman S&M, and of course, Zuckerberg explodes Winklevii canoe with canon fire.

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