Stephen Colbert Mocks The Huffington Post, Starts "Colbuffington Re-Post"

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Stephen Colbert recently made fun of the Google vs. Bing debate, and now he's taken on the Huffington Post's content strategy, which has been in the news a lot since its acquisition by AOL. 

"Huffpo is famous for its extensive, comprehensive coverage of things other people produced and put on the Internet," says Colbert.

"Hopefully HuffPo will be a new source of revenue for AOL, whose income currently depends on 82 year old Delaware resident Claire Meyers and the $10 an hour she still pays for dial up service," he adds.

"Until the Huffington Post pays me for re-purposing my content...I am happy to announce my brand new website, The ColBuffington Re-Post," Colbert proclaims. "It has got everything you love about the Huffington Post, because it's the Huffington Post with a new border around it that says, 'The Colbuffington Re-Post.'"

View it here.

The Colbert ReportUntil Stephen sees some of Arianna Huffingpo's cash, welcome to THE COLBUFFINGTON RE-POST

Chris Crum
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