Stephanie Tanner: Jodie Sweetin's Character Shares Intimate Emotional Turmoil in Episode Five of "Fuller House"

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Stephanie Tanner, the character played by actress Jodie Sweetin in the Netflix reboot Fuller House, shares a very profound disappointment with her sister in the fifth episode of the new show. shared the spoiler in recent days.

Stephanie Tanner is the only one of Fuller House's three leading ladies without children. Both DJ Tanner (played by Candace Cameron Bure) and Kimmy Gibbler (played by Andrea Barber) are moms.

Stephanie Tanner is more of a free spirit. She sings, goes on dates, and lives a less settled life than her roommates.

Fuller House series creator Jeff Franklin and executive producer Robert Boyett explain the story behind Stephanie Tanner's turmoil.

“First of all, I didn’t want Stephanie to have children,” Franklin tells “I wanted one of the three to not have kids. The backstory I created for her was that she’s a free spirit, traveling the world. She’s into her career and into having fun, and I thought this would be a really interesting aspect to that character--and touching. I love the way that scene played between the two girls. I thought they knocked it out of the park.”

The scene Franklin is referring to is the one in season five when Stephanie Tanner tells sister DJ she can't have kids. She and DJ Tanner share an intimate conversation that packs an emotional punch. Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin are exceptional in this poignant moment on screen.

The notion of Stephanie Tanner pursuing motherhood via other options hasn't yet been ruled out.

“That may be something that’s referenced again in the series," Robert Boyett tells TVLine.

Does this turmoil Stephanie Tanner faces in episode five of Fuller House come as a shock to you? Did you expect she, like DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler, would one day bring her kids to Fuller House as well?

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