Stephanie March Left Homeless in Bobby Flay Divorce Deal?

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Stephanie March and Bobby Flay reportedly had a prenup. According to sources, the prenup specified that, in the event of their divorce, Flay was to pay March $5000 a month.

But when Stephanie March found out about Flay's alleged cheating on her, that wasn't going to be enough. March and Flay have had a contentious battle settling their divorce. There were no children involved, but things still got ugly.

“March’s legal team questioned the prenup and were able to secure her a better deal than what was provided in the original agreement,” a source said. “It will never be as much as Stephanie deserves, but it is significantly better than the $5,000 a month. Her friends say the more generous settlement wasn’t due to Bobby’s desire to do the right thing, but his fear of being exposed [as an alleged cheater].”

Now that their divorce settlement has been reached, inside sources say Stephanie March still didn't get what she wanted. In fact, a mutual friend says Stephanie has to move out.

“He will keep the house in Amagansett and the Manhattan apartment. Stephanie has to leave the Manhattan apartment at a specified date in the next few months,” Page Six reported.

“She has been staying there with her mother, who has been in poor health. It has been a very difficult time for her. It is unclear what her future living arrangement will be as she continues to care for her mother.”

Stephanie March recently posted a picture of her mother, and commented on her ill health.

"Today is my Mom's 70th Birthday. She fought long & hard to get here and we have a lot to celebrate today. I am so grateful."

Stephanie March, known for her role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, alleged in court filings that Flay had been involved in a string of affairs during their marriage, including with January Jones of Mad Men and his 28-year-old assistant, Elyse Tirrell.

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