Steam Holiday Sale Starts Tomorrow, Capcom Reveals Game Discounts

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Steam sales are highly anticipated, with PC gamers longingly staring at their Steam wish list for days as they wait for a sale to start, hoping that the game they want will finally fall to a price within their budget. Though the general scope of Steam sales is known (the summer sale, the holiday sale) the exact starting date of each sale is often shrouded in mystery.

Back in November, the dates of the Steam autumn sale were leaked by indie developers. The rumored date range was November 21-27, which was mostly correct, though the sale actually ended on November 26. At the time, the developers also revealed Valve's plans to start the holiday sale on December 20. It seems that that date has now been confirmed.

Over at the Capcom blog, the publisher has put up a post that claims the Steam holiday sale will start tomorrow, on December 20. The post is mostly a reveal of the current deals Capcom is offering via the PlayStation Network, but a short preview of the Steam sale is also tacked on.

During the Steam holiday sale, Capcom will be offering Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Street Fighter X Tekken, Devil May Cry 3, and Devil May Cry 4 at a "huge chunk off." Some Nyu Media titles will also be on sale. Nuy Media games are anime-influenced indie titles such as Cherry Tree High Comedy Club and Fairy Bloom Freesia.

(Image courtesy Valve)

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