Stay Active After You Die With DeadSocial

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If you're the kind of person that cannot be torn away from your social media, no matter how hard you try, this new startup is probably for you. Now you don't have to miss out on your posts, even if you die.

DeadSocial is a new service that lets you post Tweets and Facebook status updates from beyond the grave. It was just launched today at the TNW Conference in Amsterdam.

DeadSocial works like this: You choose a super administrator to monitor your account after you pass. You create messages on a private calendar that will send them months or even years after you die. The super administrator notifies DeadSocial that you have passed, and your messages are sent out at the times you choose.

DeadSocial announced it's existence at the TNW Conference in Amsterdam, presumably because you would need to be incredibly high after a visit to the red-light district to think this is a good idea.

From the DeadSocial page:
DeadSocial is a tool that allows anyone to create scheduled messages. These are distributed across their social networks after their death.

This allows final goodbyes to be told and for people to continue to communicate once they have passed away..

DeadSocial explores the notion of digital legacy and allows us all to extend our digital life through technology and the social web.

Or to pretend you are not dead, because you didn't tell anyone you had a DeadSocial account. Seriously, this is a pranksters dream, albeit the cruelest prank ever known to man. You die, only to leave messages telling everyone you really faked your own death to escape the mob. You then spend the next few years leaving messages from around the world, telling everyone about how you were almost captured, only to escape at the last minute to move to a new location. Then finally, leaving one final message that you have really been dead this whole time...

I hope I'm not the only person that immediately thought of a scenario like this...

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