State of the Union: Obama's Minimum Wage Bit Sees Biggest Twitter Spike

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Tuesday night's State of the Union address contained 6,419 words and took just about an hour to deliver. 101 different lines in the speech were followed by applause, and President Obama mentioned defeated Republican challenger Mitt Romney a total of twice throughout the address.

Twitter has provided us with some more figures - total tweets and tweets per minute. And according to their calculations, 1.36 million tweets were registered from the start of President Obama's SOTU to the conclusion of Senator Marco Rubio's GOP response speech.

And if you think that Twitter buzzed the most during the President's impassioned section on gun violence, you would be wrong. The moment of the speech with the highest tweets per minute registered was when he was discussing the minimum wage and "ladders of opportunity." That saw 24,000 TPM.

The gun violence part came in second with 23,700 TPM (the "they deserve a vote" part).

As far Rubio's speech goes, Twitter says they they saw a spike when he had to reach a little bit out of his comfort zone to grab a bottle to take a sip of water.

State of the Union tweets

If you need something to compare the SOTU tweet total to, let's look back at this month's Super Bowl. Twitter said that they counted 24.1 total Super Bowl-related tweets - 5.5 million of which were simply about Beyonce.

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