State Dept. Fails to See the Problem with John Kerry Signing His Tweets "JK"

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You know how the official Twitter accounts of top government officials and the First Family make a point to let us know when it's really them sending out the tweet, instead of their staff? For instance, a tweet sent from Barack Obama's twitter account is only credited to the President himself when the tweet contains his initials at the end (-bo). It's the same with Michelle Obama (-mo) and some other White House officials.

Well, it appears that the State Department's official Twitter account is going to use the same protocol with new Secretary of State John Kerry. All tweets from the Secretary will be signed as such:


Yep, JK. As in "Two Americans held hostage in North Korea - jk" or "Were getting ready to invade Iran - jk."

Twitter users have been quick to pick up on why this could lead to some confusion. How will we know when it's Secretary Kerry making his own tweet or the State Department just kidding?

UPDATE: In his first tweet from the State Department account, Secretary Kerry announces that over the weekend, he talked with British Foreign Secretary William Hague. JK I didn't talk to anyone LOL.

Josh Wolford
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