Stassi Schroeder Called A Brat By Lisa Vanderpump

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It seems like Lisa Vanderpump is always giving her employees a hard time or vice versa. Lisa recently had a spat with former employee Stassi Schroeder and ended up calling her a brat.

Lisa had a photo shoot and asked Stassi to be her stylist during the shoot, when it was over Stassi thought that Lisa should have thanked her for her help.

Lisa felt the opposite and thought that Stassi should have thanked her for the opportunity to do the work.

“When I see Stassi’s comments, I think “bloody hell what an ungrateful little brat.” A lot of people would have jumped at the chance to style any sort of cover, but she just never sees anything like that. She always feels like she’s doing somebody else a favor,” Lisa said on the show.

Stassi has had a hard time making friends with Lisa’s other employees and although Lisa was upset about Stassi’s comments, she said that she understands why she is the way she is.

“I totally understand where Stassi’s coming from. Sometimes when your friends hurt you, you just want to disappear. But at some point you have to come back and you have to take charge of the situation,” Lisa adds about her former employee.

Lisa is known for butting heads with the people she works with. In an earlier episode of the show, Lisa and another employee argued over panic attacks.

Lisa opened up and said that she had little sympathy for the employee who has suffered one because she had been experiencing them for years and was still able to get her work done and carry on with her life.

Do you think both Lisa and Stassi are being petty or should they have both just thanked each other and is Lisa too hard on the people that work for her?

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