Startup Hubs Across the United States [Infographic]


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Last week I reported on an infographic from Startuphire.Com and the location of startup jobs around the country. Like you could have guessed, California is the place to be if you are looking to get hired on, but New York, Washington, Texas, and Massachusetts are also great places to find startup jobs.

This week I wanted to share the following infographic from Venture51.Com. They also remind us that Silicon Valley is not the only place to find startups, and they also show us where the startups aren't quite working out.

Broken down by region, this graphic titled, 'Sweet Spots" is filled with great stats on what's happening with startups around the country. I think you'll enjoy it, and again, if you're a job hunter, use this valuable information and incorporate it into your strategy. It isn't unheard of to relocate for more gainful employment. Good jobs are getting harder to come by, I don't think moving is out of the question for many of us.


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