Starbucks' Music Experience Is Now Powered by Baristas with Spotify

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Coffee kingpin Starbucks and bane of Jay-Z's existence Spotify have just announced a huge partnership to create a "first-of-its-kind music ecosystem."

What that means is that soon, the Starbucks music experience will be powered by Spotify – and more specifically, the musical tastes of its employees.

From Spotify and Starbucks:

Coming first, Starbucks 150,000 U.S.-based partners (employees) will receive a Spotify Premium subscription, followed shortly thereafter by partners in Canada and the U.K. This fall, Starbucks partners can help shape the in-store music programming using tools provided by Spotify. These partner-influenced playlists will then be accessible on Spotify via the Starbucks Mobile App so that customers can stream music anywhere, anytime from their mobile device.

The deal links up Spotify Premium with Starbucks' loyalty program.

"In addition, Spotify users will enjoy opportunities to obtain “Stars as Currency” for My Starbucks Rewards loyalty program. This will represent the first time that Starbucks loyalty program stars can be accessed by a third party for the benefit of Starbucks MSR members and Spotify users," says a press release.

Eventually, Starbucks MSR members will have "the ability to influence in-store playlists", although to what degree is still yet to be revealed.

“Starbucks has a rich music heritage and customers who are passionate music fans which makes us incredibly proud to be their music partner,” said Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify. “Spotify has powered more than 25 Billion hours of listening around the world so far, and we’re looking forward to creating unique in-store music experiences while also making more than 20 years of popular Starbucks music available to both Starbucks customers and Spotify’s 60 Million global music fans.”

And Starbucks will promote Spotify Premium.

Sounds like a win-win for all involved – unless your barista likes Justin Bieber.

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