Starbucks Lets You Gift Coffee with a Tweet

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There's nothing like a fresh cup of coffee to turn someone's day around. Now, you can bestow the gift of coffee with a single tweet.

Starbucks has just announced Tweet-a-Coffee, a partnership with Twitter that will allow anyone to tweet a free cup of coffee to any other Twitter user.

Of course, it's not free to the generous soul doing to gifting. In order for it to work, you have to link your Starbucks account to a credit card. Once you do that, all you have to do is send a tweet @tweetacoffee to whomever you want to give the gift of java.

It'll look something like this:

The recipient will receive a $5 eGift-card, which will allow them to buy one coffee, pretty much.

“What's so exciting about extending our eGifitng platform to Twitter is the open and real time nature of the platform. Tweet-a-coffee allows us to do something quite different in eGifting in that people can now give the gift of Starbucks to anyone on Twitter in the moment. This can be between the closest of friends, the most distant of colleagues, or even between people who have not even had the chance to meet yet in person, but have connected in some way on Twitter,” said Adam Brotman, chief digital officer, Starbucks. “We love the possibilities that the Twitter community can unlock to share acts of kindness with one another. Tweet-a-coffee is a key next step as we innovate our social digital gifting offering.”

The Tweet-a-Coffee service is only open to people in the US, and officially kicks off today. If you're on of the first 100,000 people to Tweet-a-Coffee by November 6th and use a VISA card, you'll get your own $5 gift card too.

“Starbucks is really breaking ground here,” said Joel Lunenfeld, Twitter's VP of brand strategy. “Shared experiences, such as a television show, a sporting event, or someone sharing a gift, are at the heart of the Twitter experience. It's also central to what it means to be a modern brand.”

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