Star Wars/Angry Birds Event Hinted at by Rovio

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In just three short years, the Angry Birds mobile games have become known throughout the world. Angry Birds-branded plushies, bedsheets, and apparel can be found not just online, but in stores across the U.S. Now that Bad Piggies is a runaway success, it's all but certain that toys inspired by the industrious pigs will soon turn up in stores.

So, Rovio has build a solid brand, but today the company hinted that the Angry Birds are going to be combining forces with the brand. The one that showed the world just how shameless and widespread merchandising could become. I'm talking, of course, about Star Wars.

Rovio's official Angry Birds Twitter account (which the pigs seem to have made their own lately) today tweeted out a link to a brand-new Tumblr blog for Angry Birds:

The Tumblr blog has only one post so far, consisting of a short .gif and message. The .gif depicts what is clearly an angry bird in Jedi robes "holding" a lightsaber, though it's not clear how that feat is being accomplished. The force, I suppose.

The image is accompanies by a cryptic message hinting that some sort of Angry Birds/Star Wars announcement or event will take place at the Toys R Us in Times Square at 10am EST. A "hint" suggests that people get to the store at around 8 am EST.

What's going to happen at that time is anyone's guess. Will Rovio be releasing Star Wars-branded Angry Birds plushies? A new cross-over game? Considering the success the pigs have been having lately, I'm hoping we get to see The Angry Birds Strike Back.

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