Star Wars: The Old Republic Update Spreads Life Day Cheer

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Star Wars: The Old Republic, EA's newest MMO, set records by going from subscription to free-to-play in under one year. Now that the game is free-to-play, BioWare is tasked with adding plenty of extras that can be bought with the game's new Cartel Coin currency. This week, patch 1.6 for the game went live, bringing with it (according to the patch notes) several new Life Day items.

For those who aren't aware, Life Day is the Wookie holiday that is celebrated on the same day as Christmas. It was introduced in 1978's The Star Wars Holiday Special, which is generally considered the most groan-worthy Star Wars content ever released. The Life Day items that will be sold in SWTOR include Life Day robes, a holiday speeder, a tinsel bomb, and Life Day trees.

Aside from the Life Day items, the new patch also contains a new multiplayer Warzone, and new space combat missions. Players have been waiting for the new Warzone, called Ancient Hypergate, and new space missions for months now. EA and Bioware released a trailer for the content to coincide with the patch's launch.

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