Star Wars: The Old Republic "Relics of the Gree" Event Teased in New Video

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Last April, the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO held its first live in-game event. The Rakghoul Plague event, as it was called, had players running around Tatooine and infecting each other with a deadly plague.

Of course, that was before it became clear that the game was hemorrhaging subscribers, before the massive layoffs that hit Bioware Austin, and before the game embraced the free-to-play business model.

This year's in-game event begins tomorrow, February 12 and lasts until February 26. Titled "Relics of the Gree," the event will task players with uncovering the mystery of an advanced Gree ship that has appeared in orbit around the planet Ilum. Bioware has described the event as one that will be "recurring" throughout the rest of 2013.

The new teaser trailer for the content shows plenty of space slugs and a giant wampa for players to slay.

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