Star Wars: The Old Republic Live Action Fan Vid


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Is Star Wars the best movie trilogy ever, or is it the best movie trilogy ever?. I love Star Wars, have since I was a kid. It's a shame George Lucas and company never made any more films after Return of the Jedi in 1983. Could you imagine what kind of storytelling they could accomplish with technology from, say, 1999 on? It would be impossible to screw up such a compelling and well-developed backstory, provided they ever get around to it.

Oh well, despite only consisting of three feature-length films, the Star Wars storyline has been well represented in an extensive extended universe consisting of everything from canonical books and video games to children's shows to some really good fan-fic (and doubtless also some rule-34-ish Han/Wicket slash fiction). Somebody even got around to making some pretty good, though fairly amateurish, prequels in the first half of this decade. They could have been worse. They could have had the production values and complete lack of plot of 1978's Holiday Special [YouTube Link. I did not want to embed this into the article.].

But here's some fan-fiction that blows most others out of the water. It's a live-action interpretation of the trailer for The Old Republic, posted to YouTube's G+ page yesterday. Set on an Alderaan that looks a lot like Woippy Lorraine, France, it was directed and edited by Michael Schaak. It's pretty spot on.

For comparison's sake, here's the trailer for the actual game.

And, just for fun (because it's the end of the work day), here's existential Star Wars, also in French:

Have a good one.