Star Trek's "Q" is the Voice of 'Quantum Conundrum'


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Square Enix announced this week that actor John de Lancie will be providing voice talent for their upcoming game, Quantum Conundrum. de Lancie is best known for his role as "Q" in Star Trek: The Next Generation and recently leant his voice to the character of William Miles in the Assassin's Creed series of games. In Quantum Conundrum, de Lancie will be the voice of Professor Fitz Quadwrangle. The professor will, while lost in another dimension, try and guide his nephew (the player) through his hazardous manor home.

"The professor's character is funny, a bit bizarre, and a great joy to perform," said de Lancie. "If players have half as much fun with the game as I did playing the character, then they’ll be having a great time."

Though the game may sound silly, it is the next game from PORTAL co-creator Kim Swift. In the game, players are a young kid who arrives at his uncle's mansion and finds him trapped in another dimension. Players must use Uncle Quadwrangle's wild inventions to save him. The "IDS Device" in particular will allow players to shift dimensions such that the objects around them become "fluffy" or gravity is reversed. The gameplay is exactly the type of puzzle platforming that made me fall in love with the PORTAL games, and I'm hoping Quantum Conundrum can re-create the the joy those games have given me. It is encouraging that they have hired good voice talent.

The game is scheduled for release sometime this summer, and you will be able to download it on PC, the Xbox Live Arcade, or the Playstation Network. Check out the trailer and see all the silly, crazy inter-dimensional action coming your way: