Star Trek The Video Game Launch Trailer Released


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Movie tie-in video games can generally be dismissed by gamers as cynical attempts to cash in on the hype surrounding the release of a movie. The titles are, most of the time, thrown together and unpolished, pushed onto the market to coincide with the movie release date.

This week, the Star Trek tie-in video game will be released, less than one month before the premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness, one of the most anticipated summer blockbusters of 2013. Star Trek The Video Game, however, could buck the trend of terrible tie-ins, if the game's launch trailer is any indication.

The game features its own story, which isn't directly tied to the story of Into Darkness. Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the enterprise crew will be facing off with the Gorn, which classic Star Trek fans will be familiar with.

Star Trek The Video Game will also feature characters with different gameplay options, such as Spock's stealthy ability to use a Vulcan nerve pinch to take down enemies.

Even if all of these elements don't add up to a great game, they do appear to at least make up parts of a game that had some care put into its development. The game's developer, Digital Extremes, has attempted to bring something original and fun to the movie tie-in concept, and there's not really much more gamers could ask for.