Star Fox 1993 Opening HD Redux is Winning

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We haven't seen a new Star Fox console game since the Gamecube. This is a big problem. Fortunately Rickonami on YouTube has provided us with an awesome remake of the 1993 opening scene of Star Fox to tide us over until a newer version comes out.

And by newer version, I mean a real Star Fox game, either a better version of the original or Star Fox 64 for the console. Someone at Nintendo needs to see this, and the awesome potential a revamped Star Fox would bring. They should probably start with a decent console. No motion controllers. No outdated graphics output. No handheld console with gimmicky features. Just updated version of the games we came to love as kids of the Nintendo generation.

To truly appreciate it, you must watch the original 1993 Star Fox opening.

[via: gametyrant]

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